User needs in video use for education

Summary of Report 2102 by Odin Essers and Vic Diederen

This report provides insight into the most important needs of users of video in an educational context in the Maastricht University community and contains a classification of these needs.

The report focuses on three stakeholder groups, which are – in order of priority – teachers, students and other stakeholders. The latter include the ECO platform, the MediaSite key users, the University Library metadata manager, the project leader of the Student Portal Project and the central Marketing & Communications Department. Methods of data collection were a questionnaire for users and non-users of the MediaSite platform, meetings with two Library User Groups to identify student needs, and interviews with and questionnaires for other stakeholders.

The collected data show that the current and expected use of video within the UM community are: recorded lectures, knowledge clips, skype sessions, and playing of external videos. Users are generally satisfied with the MediaSite platform. It is perceived as fast enough, attractive-looking, and straightforward. However, users have experienced unpredictable behaviour from the system.

While user needs seem to diverge somewhat across target groups and users versus nonusers, there seems to be consensus on the following needs:


With regard to support

  • video editing support and/or training for teachers
  • video presentation skills support and/or training for teachers
  • didactical support for teachers
  • possibly: video presentation skills support for students
  • on-site AV/technical support



  • integration with other Learning Management Systems
  • structured tagging interface with standardised, uniform and searchable tags EleUM-integration


Students express a need for short, animated, fundamental, preferably subtitled videos that are at the heart, rather than on the fringe, of a course. They tend to play video (often at 1.5 x speed) for previewing and for exam preparation.

Check out the Full report User Needs.

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