MediaSite usage analytics

Summary of Report 2103 by Jeroen Seeverens and Sjoerd Oostvogel

This study provides insight in the actual use of the current MediaSite installation at SBE and presents the following observations with regard to the faculties and users.

SBE, the Faculty of Law (FdR) and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) are the main users of MediaSite and the use of video really took off as FdR and FHML joined in. The FdR generates the most views and users in total and on average. SBE has the highest number of simultaneous views.

Three quarters of the viewers originate from outside the campus network and use Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Mobile use of the videos is low.

The report shows that about 20% of the teachers deliver about 80% of the video presentations, that students skip more parts of long presentations and that presentations under 15 minutes are most likely to be viewed from start till end.


  • The report concludes that the FdR appears extraordinarily successful in creating videos that are watched by large numbers of students. SBE and FHML are growing.
  • Live broadcasts are relatively rare. Most UM videos are way longer than what students are willing to watch.
  • About 50 teachers clearly match the criteria for being a video/MediaSite ambassador if they receive the right support.


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