Finding video as a resource

Finding video as a resource

Whether you want to search suitable videos for your students or have your students find them themselves, a number of relevant questions might be of assistance in the selection process:

  • What is my topic?
  • What sources am I consulting? For example, videos or open educational resources?
  • How do I search?
  • When can I stop searching?
  • How do I evaluate the sources consulted?




Where to find videos

The World Lecture Project

Multidisciplinary and multi-lingual


Specialised in videos for education

iTunes U



or specifically for education:

YouTube Education

Always check the conditions under which you may use/distribute the videos you've found!

Examples of known & trusted (medical) sites recommended by the faculty of FHML

How to find videos


Using a search engine like Google, you’d better use Advanced Video Search, to find your videos from trusted sites.

If you prefer using a distribution platform like YouTube, be aware that most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals. Of course many organizations offer some of their material via a YouTube channel. If you want to search on YouTube it is wise to enter extra search terms to find trustworthy sources, like ‘medical’ (medical videos channels) or 'university' (medical videos university channels).

zoek op youtube

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