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The power of video for education

The power of video for education

A teacher can decide on offering video as a rich(er) resource. Theory gets illustrated and put into context. Research has proven that combining (spoken) text with supporting visual material enhances learning and knowledge retention.

We will soon add some articles about where video proved really powerful, when cutting a larger video into smaller pieces seems wise or other considerations a teacher could make when thinking about video for education.

You can offer video as a means to re-attend a lecture or ‘broadcast’ your lecture for those not present in the lecture hall wanting to see and hear you. And you can use video as an introduction to a topic the student needs to focus on when preparing for a meeting or assignment.

We roughly discern 3 types of video-as-educational-tool:

This website aims to limit itself to educational uses of video. For promotional uses, we gladly refer you to the UM Video Team for advice and support.

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